It's healthcare, anywhere.

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Two-way video calls.

Using the latest in browser video conferencing technology, Medifi allows a richer, more comprehensive remote consultation experience, much better than traditional phone call based sessions.

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We understand that not all doctor/patient interactions happen in real-time. MEDIFI provides a secure in app messaging system so you and your physician can exchange relevant information at your convenience.

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Up-front vitals.

During consultations, your physicians are allowed access to a wealth of current and historical information about your medical profile to best triage your concerns.

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Medical Imaging.

Using our medical imaging management features, you can upload and store DICOM based images such as MRI and CT scans, so your physician has deeper insight on your health concerns.

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No subscription fees required. Doctors are allowed to set their consultation rates and patients are charged through their credit/debit card immediately after the session ends.

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Private and secure.

On Medifi, we're serious about keeping your medical information private. Only doctors you have connected with, and have explicitly allowed, will be able to see your information.

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Health Devices and Sensors.

MEDIFI is building integrations with popular personal health devices and emerging medical sensors to harvest your vitals automatically and accurately.

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